VIDEO: College teammates crisscross swings and somehow pull it off

If you’re going to try something risky in golf, just make sure you have the skill to back it up.

Elle Nichols and Zaafina Naqvi, junior teammates on Oakland’s women’s golf team, toed this line perfectly.

The pair decided recently to film themselves hitting golf balls right next to each other without interfering with each other’s swings.

So what, that’s not a big deal?

Oh yeah, Nichols is right-handed and Naqvi is a lefty. That meant they would be crisscrossing swings in trying to pull this off.

So much could go wrong here without a perfect sense of timing. But the duo nailed it:

We have to give extra credit in that they figured out some especially complex timing.

In order for this to work (and look cool) Naqvi would have to start her swing first just slightly ahead of Nichols’. That’s because Nichols has a quicker action and would thus pass Naqvi and get to her ball just before Naqvi got to hers.

So yeah, if you’re not a skilled golfer, don’t try this. But pulling it off produces some compelling footage.

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